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The sound of flatulence is guaranteed to get a laugh. Whether it’s a well-timed whoopee cushion or a strategically placed whoopie cushion. But what if you want to take your fart humor to the next level? That’s where fart noisemakers come in.

Fart noise makers are exactly what they sound like devices that simulate the sound of flatulence. But not all fart noise makers are created equal. Some are straightforward, while others are more elaborate and offer a range of fart sounds to choose from.

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How do fart noise makers work

The whoopee cushion is the most basic type of fart noise maker. It consists of two parts: a rubber bladder and a valve. When you squeeze the valve, it forces air out of the bladder, causing it to vibrate and produce a fart-like sound. When the valve is squeezed, the air is forced out of the bladder, causing it to vibrate and produce a fart-like sound.

However, not all fart noise makers rely on rubber bladders. Some use a diaphragm or a reed to produce sound. These devices work by using air pressure to vibrate a thin membrane, which in turn produces a sound wave that mimics the sound of flatulence.

Fart machines that are more advanced, such as remote-controlled ones, use electronics to produce sound. However, these devices typically have a variety of fart sounds to choose from, ranging from short, sharp bursts to long, drawn-out rippers. Furthermore, they work by using a speaker or piezoelectric element to produce sound waves that mimic the sound of flatulence.

No matter what type of fart noise maker you choose, the sound itself is the key to its effectiveness. Thus, to produce a convincing fart sound, the device must replicate the complex waveforms that the human body generates during flatulence. That’s why some of the more advanced fart noise makers use sophisticated digital signal processing algorithms to create a realistic sound.

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Tips for using fart noise makers

Fart noisemakers are a fun and lighthearted way to add some humor to any situation. But like any good joke, the key to their effectiveness lies in the delivery. Here are some tips for using fart noise makers effectively:

  • Timing is everything. To get the biggest laugh, you need to choose the right moment to unleash your fart noise maker. Whether it’s during a lull in the conversation or in the middle of a tense meeting, the element of surprise is crucial.
  • Know your audience. While fart jokes can be fun to just about anyone, it’s important to gauge your audience before breaking out your fart noise maker. What might be hilarious to your friends might not be as well received in a professional setting.
  • Practice makes perfect. Fart noisemakers can be tricky to use effectively, so it’s important to practice beforehand. Make sure you know how to activate your device quickly and discreetly, so you can pull off your prank with ease.
  • Use a variety of sounds. While a classic fart noise can be funny, using the same sound over and over again can get old quickly. Invest in a fart noise maker that has a variety of sounds to choose from, so you can mix things up and keep your audience on their toes.
  • Don’t overdo it. While a well-timed fart noise can be hilarious, using your noise maker too often can quickly become annoying. Use it sparingly, and only when you know it will have the biggest impact.

Popular fart noise makers

ROCKYMART Whoopee Cushion:

Inflate with air like a balloon, and then place the Whoopee Cushion on a chair, when the next person sits down everyone will think they let out a fart!

  • Features:
    • The Whoopee Cushion produces a realistic farting sound.
    • Classic prank item.
    • The small size of the Whoopee Cushion makes it easy to carry and use whenever needed.
    • The product is safe and easy to use.

      Whoopee Cushion


  • Fun for practical jokes.
  • Easy to use, simply inflate the cushion and place it on a seat or surface.
  • Reusable.


  • This product can only be used in specific settings, such as on chairs or surfaces.

T.J. Wisemen Remote Controlled Fart Machine:

It is a remote controlled device that produces various fart sounds. The remote can be used from up to a 100 feet away!

  • Features:
    • The Fart Machine offers a range of sound options, including farts, burps, and other funny noises.
    • The Fart Machine can be operated remotely, making it easy to use and requiring no additional setup.
    • The Fart Machine is made of durable materials, ensuring it can withstand regular use.

  T.J. Wisemen Fart Machine


  • It is small and portable.
  • Remote-controlled.
  • Can be easily hidden in any room.


  • The variety of fart sounds cannot be expanded.
  • It is a bit expensive.

Bojue Fart Noise Maker:

A remote controlled fart noise machine that can activated with just the press of a button.

  • Features:
    • The Fart Machine Remote Noise Maker offers a variety of pre-programmed fart sounds to choose from.
    • The toy and the remote are both compact and lightweight.

      Bojue Fart Noise Maker


  • Wide range of fart sounds.
  • Comes with a remote control.
  • Easy to hide and use.


  • Battery operated.
  • Only available on wallmart.

FGTeeV – Roleplay Fart Flinger:

Make friends and family laugh with this gassed-up Baggo Beans Fart Flinger

  • Features:
    • This gun has various fart sounds and lights. Thus, allowing children to enjoy playing with it for hours.
    • It is  used by pressing the trigger and the toy will be activated.

    FGTeeV – Roleplay Fart Flinger


  • Up to 10 fart sounds.
  • Easy to use.
  • Made out of good plastic.


  • Offers only sound and light effects.
  • The package does not include batteries.
  • Expensive.

Honorable Mention

Following is not a “fart noise maker” but it might just be what you are looking for:

Mega Fart Bomb:

Each product comes in a bundle. But each individual fart bomb can only be used once.

  • Features:
    • The Mega Fart Bomb produces an extremely loud fart sound that can be heard from a distance.
    • Anyone can take it wherever they want to go in their pocket.
    • Easy to use, simply squeez the bag and it will swell and produce a loud fart sound.

      Mega Fart Bomb


  • Produces a loud band along with a fart smell!
  • High customer rating.
  • Fairly inexpensive.


  • Single use.
  • May leave behind a mess.

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